PMD Explorers of Heart
July 25th, 2015, 6:01 pm
Hey guys! Sorry for such a long delay in the comics - I've spent this entire time mapping out the rest of the comic! Because, like the loser I am, I went into this comic with absolutely NO idea of what was going to happen! (okay that's not entirely true, I had an IDEA of what was going to happy) but obviously that isn't going to work, so I decided to take this time to get everything else done. I'm also working on keeping the Tumblr updated (which has been slacking lately, but I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and have been kinda out of commission since then haha //sweats) and I'm working on the buffer now, and I'm still trying to find a way to do the characters page the way I like (the refs I made for Deviantart/Tumblr will NOT work for this site, haha)...but I'm trying to keep things running!

In the meantime, to make up for it, I'm going to give ya'll a heads up of what's to come - the names of all the upcoming chapters! EoH is going to have a total of 25 chapters plus an epilogue - this comic is gonna be LONG. Have fun guessing what you think each chapter means/what will happen!

Chapter 4: Questions and Answers

Chapter 5: Garden Brawl

Chapter 6: Desert Dwellers

Chapter 7: Cave Diving

Chapter 8: Double Trouble

Chapter 9: Snowbound Soul

Chapter 10: All Legends Eve

Chapter 11: Jewelry and Promises

Chapter 12: The Soul Orbs

Chapter 13: Family Reunion

Chapter 14: Traditions

Chapter 15: The Guild Games

Chapter 16: Firestorm

Chapter 17: Runaways

Chapter 18: Split Ends

Chapter 19: Emotional Toll

Chapter 20: Blood and Espionage

Chapter 21: The Flower Festival

Chapter 22: Search, Seize, Destroy

Chapter 23: Break

Chapter 24: Pawns Dispatch

Chapter 25: Resolutions


But you know, even after the Epilogue I'm not going to be done with these two - there's going to be little short comics (that will NOT be in the full colored/lined/shaded way that the rest of the comic is, I don't think) about their little adventures between the last chapter and the Epilogue 'v' So much stuff planned! <3 You have no idea~

I'm so hyped for this comic I cannot tell you. When I first started it it was supposed to be something casual I did for fun - which it still is - but I didn't think I'd make this big of an investment in it. Which, let me tell you, NEVER DO THAT. ALWAYS GO IN WITH A PLAN SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLAN LATER LIKE I HAVE DONE. I love this comic so much, and I love all of my readers just as much! You're all so wonderful and patient and kind, I cannot express how happy you guys make me ;w; Thank you so, so much for everything~ <33