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Y U So Cute by Kirakats

What Makes You PONPONPON by Kirakats

Not Her Type by Janobii

Zeke n' Erika by Titan68221

How Do I Walk? by PokemonTrainerGigi

Zeke Icon by LittleWhiteWolfAngel

Erika Icon by LittleWhiteWolfAngel

Hanging Out by Dj-Dusk

She's Outta My League by Kirakats

ErikaXZeke Badge by Rymnotrim

Happy Birthday Evil! by Spyromak

Meeting by Chibionestar

Christmas Joy by AmicableGhost

Cute by Kirakats

Art Trade by ilyallie

Team Aquaflare by Yin-Meep

Birthday Card by KatTheRuler

You Okay There? By Nutrea

Team Aquaflare Gettin' it Down by Kirakats

Zeke and Erika by Kimberwick

Too Cute Hot Damn by Kimberwick

Erika Doll by Kirakats

Zeke Doll by Kirakats

Team Aquaflare by Falkzii